Meet the Artist

Douglas Bentley


I want to thank you for visiting this site, and I sincerely hope that these Sacred Artworks can bring auspiciousness, joy, and great vibes to your home or office. 

My life has been a deep pursuit of spiritual awakening since an early age, which lead me to live in India as a monk for 10 years. 

As I flowered in my journey, I came to see how important it is to be surrounded by positive influences, and how imagery, music, and energy can deeply effect us.

My passion is to bring the wisdom and experiences of my journey into these Sacred Artworks.

With each artwork, I hold very strong prayers, intentions, and do Sacred Rituals to ask Supreme Consciousness to embody the art with specific qualities so that they radiate Sacred Energies so to help you in many aspects of your life both internally and externally.

I wish you the deepest peace and happiness in your life.

Douglas Bentley
Founder of Sacred Wisdom School